Say It Hard Cards

Say what’s hard with the Say It Hard for Depression card, made especially for people who struggle with depression. Tell your friends and family why you couldn’t make it to their event. Mental health is difficult to discuss but depression is a real illness and you deserve support.

I made the Say It Hard series of cards because I want to help people to be more open about their mental health struggles. I am bipolar and deal with anxiety and depression. I am open about it, but always find it surprising how stressful it is to broach the topic of my own mental illness. I recently admitted in a job interview that I struggle with my mental health and I ended up getting a job offer the next morning. I went on a podcast and blurted out that I’m bipolar. I believe it’s important to be open about mental health because these illnesses are real and they have a big impact on our ability to live our lives. We deserve love, support, and understanding.

The phrase, Say It Hard  was inspired by the words, Do It Scared. I want to help people say the hard thing and  to encourage them to be passionate about mental health awareness. Saying it hard is like saying it with passion, like you’ve got a real boner for the topic. But it’s also speaking about a difficult topic.

The Say It Hard for Depression card prompts users to describe the difficulty of attending an event when struggling with depression. If you’ve ever missed a gathering because you couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t stand the thought of socializing, couldn’t possibly act like you’re ok, this card could help start a conversation rather than an argument.

If you want to learn more about mental health issues and/or how to support family and friends with mental illnesses, visit NAMI.