Hayneedle x Dia & Co. at CurvyCon


Hayneedle partnered with Dia & Co to style several small lounge spaces and a green room at CurvyCon in New York during Fashion Week. The project included styling the spaces (which were inspired by fashion looks) and creating complementary digital and print assets. Read more about the project.

Huddle Spaces

Mood boards for small meeting spaces scattered throughout the Hayneedle corporate office. They are outfitted entirely with furniture and accessories from Hayneedle’s site.

South Omaha Mural


Indoor and outdoor infographics describing the South Omaha mural, located at the Metropolitan Community College South Omaha campus.

Hayneedle Dodge Commons

Hayneedle’s main break room received a major update to floors, walls, kitchenette, and furniture. I thought a living wall would be a great addition to the break room, so I also directed a short film to help win over leadership on the issue.