My Daily Closet

MDC-closet O-12

Logo design and brand work for My Daily Closet (@mdc_oma on Instagram), a Poshmark shop with a fierce social media presence. MDC sells a curated selection of vintage and contemporary fashion. I am responsible for the brand, social media, photography, some item curation, and more.

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Playing House Starring Hayneedle


Mood boards to sell an email campaign idea for Hayneedle, an online furniture retailer. In execution, the movie scene would be recreated with Hayneedle furniture and the remainder of the email would feature ideas to “get the look.” Ideas included a Big Lebowski-themed rug event.

Eye of the Beholder



Eye image created for a collage on UNO Magazine’s summer 2019 edition cover.

Domestic Bliss


Fully-designed send for Hayneedle. Art directed, styled, and designed by Mary Allen.