Say it hard with the Say It Hard for Depression card, made especially for people who struggle with depression. Tell your friends and family why you couldn’t make it to that soiree. Mental health is difficult to discuss but depression is a real illness and you deserve support. Want to know more about the concept behind this series? Visit Say It Hard.
Environmental/Event Marketing: Hayneedle partnered with Dia & Co to style several small lounge spaces and a green room at CurvyCon in New York during Fashion Week. The project included styling the spaces (which were inspired by fashion looks) and creating complementary digital and print assets. Read more about the project.




Email: An email gif encouraging good, little Hayneedle shoppers to buy their favorites. Supporting graphics to lure customers to specific category pages.



Infographic: Indoor and outdoor infographics describing the South Omaha mural, located at the Metropolitan Community College South Omaha campus.


Branding: Three logo options for Howell Buns, a cinnamon roll distributor.




Layout: Cold, calculated layout for Serial Killer magazine.


Environmental: Hayneedle’s main break room received a major update to floors, walls, kitchenette, and furniture.


Mighty Milk

Packaging: Handmade breast milk packaging for Mighty Milk Ready-to-Eat.


Carnival Mockup.jpg

Posters: Getting kids pumped up to attend the Washington Elementary School carnival, where the cotton candy machine is wildly popular.


Email: Four fully-designed emails for Hayneedle.


Website: Revamped website for California Tacos and More.


eggs movie cover

Movie: Daring viewers not to cry with this short movie.